Tips & Tricks

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TIPS - Take a few minutes and enjoy these tips from the experts at Wildroot Salon.

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For gorgeous curls, apply product to your hair when very damp.  Towel dry minimally, use your fingers to scrunch and shake into place, and then apply your product.  Too much towel drying can break up the wave pattern and create more frizz so be gentle.

               ~Ruth Hampton


When going for that SALON blow out.

Instructions: After applying styling product to hair, use a paddle brush to dry hair at the roots first, and then the ends. continue section by section until you're 90% dry and then use your large round brush to add volume and smoothness.

                                                                       ~Liz Fowler

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A tip for curly hair: use phomollient when scrunching curly hair (along with your usual products). It adds a little texture to natural soft curls/waves. Then wrap curls around a curling iron, leaving the ends out, and polish those difficult curls.

                                                             ~ Katie Ferre